Angela Allen's #LoveArmy Profile

Radical Love In the Face of Fear

GOAL: $200.00

Words cannot describe how excited I am to be a part of this #LoveArmy. The election and the horror that has ensued in recent months have confirmed for me that now, more than ever, we are in need of a movement that is built on radical, intentional love, and that builds bridges that have been missing for too long. I also am looking to be a part of a social justice movement where healing is at the center. I feel in many ways that we're a country of people who have been forced to endure so much trauma, both individually and collectively.

This trauma doesn't look the same for everyone and there are certainly some people who have had to carry more of this pain than others. Still, I truly believe we are all interconnected and that all of us have healing to do in some way, shape or form from the many oppressive systems that create our environments. Mostly though, I support the #LoveArmy because of the collective wisdom within it that I can learn from.

I hope for the opportunity to discuss creative ways that we can work together to fight all the injustices that are happening around us. I also want to learn more ways that I can show up in the world with greater compassion, even in situations where I am afraid. 

My name is Angela and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have a background as a community organizer working on racial and economic justice issues, as well as a direct service provider for various non-profits. Currently I work in the anti-sexual violence